Thursday, February 23, 2012

We need to serve all kids

Not sure why the politicians and the media find it necessary to go after organizations like they do. It seems when positive things are happening, mud is slung on that group. Keep it in the political race - our kids don't deserve it.
Recently, 2 organizations that I support have been attacked. I don't care to talk about the specifics because they have been accused and talked to death. However, both organizations are there to help young people grow into great leaders. I know that there are other great groups out there that provide that same avenue - great. We need them ALL to help our kids.
Has anyone ever observed a group of kids - especially girls. They are all different and therefore, have different needs. The great thing about this country is that all of these kids can find someone to support them and help them develop into great leaders of tomorrow. These kids need to find their niche and settle in with the group that they support. Adults don't need to tear the other down.
Accusations have been thrown that says some groups are too liberal while others are too conservative. If anyone does their research, our Founding Fathers built this into our society to make the country a balanced place. They keep each in check. It's a civil right. That's is why we have elections and why people gain or lose their seat in politics. The Check and Balance system has a farther reach than just making laws. We are all represented.
This mud slinging and accusations are what keeps  the world going. It is not always pleasant but it does make us all do a gut check. However, let's use truth and understanding to make our decisions. That is what we want our kids to do so let's show it ourselves.