Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Hair Critters

I have often been asked to share some how-to posts in my blog. I haven't had really anything worthy to share until now. I am battling lice on my 2 daughters and me.
While combing out my hair after my shower, I found the one thing no mother wants to see - a louse. Panic consumed me for 30 seconds then I got ticked off. I was not letting something so small to rule my household. Low and behold my youngest was crawling with them too. Apparently, she was the hostess with the mostest with lice - brought to us by her school. She announced that she had shared her hairbrush with her sister - so guess who else was infested. I quickly called my dear husband and announced that we uninvited guests and his presence was requested to help evict. Oh by the way, bring me some RID shampoo.
The school nurse checked my other daughter and found nits but no bugs. Therefore, she was allowed to stay at school. Yeah - I think. However, we just produce a receipt showing we bought an over the counter product and have her hair checked before she could return tomorrow. Got it!
I jumped online and found many methods of removing and killing lice. Tried many of them and found some that actually worked - RID was not really one of them. But I had to have a receipt.
All three of us used the RID product just to get the party started. I think it removed pretty good but then I followed up with a kit that friend of mine brought over. She found it online and it was all natural. Got my attention but not the price. It was way over the top. I guess companies think we will pay anything when we are desperate enough. They apparently never met me.
My girls used lice unglue lotion then some sort of oil with peppermint. Seemed to work. They crashed in our spare bedroom since their bedding was still in line for the washer. Besides, one less bed to wash if we still have a battle going on. I tried to vinegar treatment. Soak my hair then wear a shower cap for 2 hours. I felt like a pickle. Then I followed with Palmolive dish soap. Seemed to work.
I checked the girls and took them to school. The older one passed and went on to class. The younger one still had a critter running wild. Home we go. This time we stop at CVS and pick up tea-tree oil and coconut shampoo and conditioner. The younger tries the expensive method again and I use the new stuff. It's all the same but my bottle was $3 - not $200 for the kit. We both sit with oil in our hair and shampoo with coconut shampoo - with 10 drops of tea-tree oil in it. Finally we comb out with coconut conditioner. Still trying to figure if it worked.
My beds have never been so cleaned. My washer and dryer both use steam and apparently they are easy to use. I will keep everyone up to date about our battle of the bugs. I hope this ends quickly.