Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What are we remembering?

I haven't really completely understood why many people make great effort to be proud Americans only a couple of days a year.
Memorial Day. This date was created to honor our fallen heroes that defended our country. I have toured a national cemetery and a couple of local ones around this date. The rows of white head stones just make my heart stop. Many people have given their lives so that I may even have the right to post this blog. It's more than that but that is just a small (very minute) right.
July 4 - Independence Day. There are parades and community activities. It usually ends with fireworks. Great family time but many are only concerned about cookouts and evening activities. A great way to celebrate the birth of our country.
September 11 - That day the Twin Towers were attacked. There are some memorial services and lots of postings on the internet. These people gave their lives and didn't even know that they were asked. Civilians were on the planes and in the buildings that were attacked. Firefighters and policemen ran in to save who they could. Yes, they are truly unsung heroes - all of them.
Veterans Day - Originally was the day that WWI ended and was eventually recognized at Armistice Day to signify that. Eventually Congress recognized it to that all Veterans could be recognized.
We have all of these days set aside to remember who gave their lives to protect our county. Actually, Veterans Day celebrates the living too.
I was raised by parents that were involved during WWII. They grew up during the Great Depression. My father fought during WWII in the Navy. He was in the Pacific theater. Together, my parents raised five kids on the basic American principles. Do your best and give what you can.
Too many times we lose sight of what we need to do. We get involved with work and the daily hassle. We become obsessed with what everyone else has and what we don't. We forgot that the best things in life are earned - not given.
We are looking at a Presidential election that will be monumental. Both sides think they are right. That's an American right. We vote for who we think is the best person for that job - that is an American privilege. We demand that the country owes us what we didn't earn - that is an American entitlement.
I challenge everyone to look into their hearts and think of something that President Kennedy asked of us "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country." This is one of the few bipartisan statements that still rings true today. Let's quit remembering and start doing what was started doing back in 1776. Let's make this country strong by being strong. Put your hand that is stuck asking for "entitlements" back in your pocket and let's get to work. And for crying out loud, shut up and be respectful when the Flag of your Country is being presented - anywhere.