Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festival in Alabama

I moved to Alabama at the beginning of June from Indiana. We are a weird family. We are not military, my husband just took a new job. We have had a few bumps in the road with our transition from our move and have had to use a harsh learning curve.  I hate to say, it's like a new country here. Opinions and thought processes are quite different here.
In Indiana, the schools really couldn't celebrate Halloween. No costumes and only Fall parties. Here, in the Bible Belt, the kids wear their costumes and they have Fall Parties - that look very much like Halloween parties. Who knew? Parents were dressed up and there were many decorations that were very much in the Halloween style.
My youngest couldn't decide what to wear today so she wore here pajamas, a robe and I put here hair in curlers. Not bad for a quick costume. Tonight I think she is going back with the ceiling fan plan. Lucy, my middle child, went as a camper from one of her demi-god stories. She was quite creative with putting feathers on her shoes but mom had to sew on her Camp Half-blood patch on her jacket. Go mom!!!
While watching the kids today during the party. I guess Indiana is very conservative or overprotective. I was assigned duty on the playground with one of the gym teachers. The kids were standing on the parallel bars and jungle gym - all the way at the top. No whistle blown or reprimands heard. These kids are tough. They sometimes got into play fights but nothing was done until it got out of hand. I questioned this but the parents said to let kids be kids. Maybe that's why the SEC is such a powerhouse conference.

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  1. Oh my yes, when you say it is like a new country there, that is so very true in so many ways! Back when we lived in Michigan, my folks had moved to Huntsville... that only lasted about 18 months before my mom had had enough, and they left the state to head elsewhere.