Monday, October 31, 2011

Alabama VS Auburn

In Indiana the big rivalry boils down to Indiana VS Purdue. I hate to admit it, but the state seems pretty lopsided toward Indiana but I believe that proper education may save some of those lost Hoosier souls. At least a girl can dream.
Down here, there seems to be only to teams to worry about too - Alabama and Auburn. However, it seems to be pretty equal in the support all over the state. Everyone asks "Who ya rootin' for? Bama or Auburn?" We tend to throw a wrench into the conversation by answering Purdue. That's all my kids know. My husband and I are proud alums and marching band alums. We tried our best to brainwash them whenever we got the chance. Red and white are evil colors. Don't even have that combination in our home now. Maybe that's why I think we lean towards Auburn in the great debate down here. Their colors are orange and blue. Our banning of red and white can continue.
In fact, my youngest had to write a paper on which school was better - Alabama or Auburn. Her initial answer was Purdue but the Ohio State grad for a teacher wouldn't accept that. So being the inquisitive child that she is, she did research and threw together her paper. Her heart wasn't really in it. Once a Boilermaker, always a Boilermaker. She did end up supporting Auburn just because they have a pharmacy school and the colors weren't red and white. We still have that issue here - we can't bear red and white.
Somehow that child got a great grade on her paper. I have asked her if she wants to be a journalist. Her answer was no - I want to make good money and live in a nice house. Therefore, I want to be a pharmacist, maybe even a research pharmacist. Seems to be more money. She's ten. Maybe she needs to teach the career planning class at the local high school

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