Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It only takes a whip and a chair

I subbed for the first time at my local school today. I have always referred to substitute teaching as only needing a whip and a chair to deal with student behavior. I know that sounds a bit harsh but some parents should witness their child's behavior before they even begin to complain. Today was no exception.
Overall, my students were very good. I covered for a biology teacher and she had busy work for them to do. I allowed students to work in small groups as long as they kept the noise down. Each period, however, there was always one student who had to show themselves. One period, I had to keep waking a student up. Her complaint to me was that I was disturbing her slumber. Another student told me he was too stupid to do the work. Another way of saying he was too lazy to even try. Finally, and the best occurrence, a mom called her student on her cell phone during class. The girl was having quite a lengthy conversation. It was how the student was supposed to get home today. Mind you, this was before lunch. I asked her to tell mom goodbye and to call her during lunch. I don't get some parents today.
I did have 2 students who opted to miss their lunch period and hang with me instead. Given, I still had my class there but they had all of their work completed. I guess I should take that as a compliment. Several students even gave me candy. Again, I will take that as a positive too.
In general, I enjoy substitute teaching. I enjoy working with kids in many capacities. I have found that if you treat them with respect, you will receive that in turn. However, if you step over my line, I tend to get a little nasty. One poor student found that out today too. When I ask you to take your seats, don't try to be funny and don't run your mouth. Simple rules to follow.
Hopefully I can get more sub jobs this week. I have to admit that there is no routine or dullness to my day. Each day is different kids and each period is different too. If a kid it driving you crazy, wait a while. That bell will eventually ring. 

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