Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Got to get that word - Sucker - off my forehead.

After moving to my new home, I started signing up on various websites to receive coupons and information about my surrounding area. They all claimed that they were safe and would not sell my information. When you admit that during your promo info - look out honey, here it comes!!!
Con people around the world are getting more and more creative. Now I am receiving "official email from a US Embassy". UPS supposedly has money for me. I have an uncle who just died and left me money. All but one of my uncles is dead and he has no money - sorry. The list is endless and gets more hilarious everyday. Get your unclaimed money today. Trust me, I have claimed all of mine that is out there. I even had a job offer for Homeland Security if I sent them postage and handling money. Trust me, I am not the girl for your job.
I know that this bunch of emails should be turned in but it's like fighting a red ant hill with a pencil. Ain't gonna stop coming so get out of the way. These emails rank up there with the "Credit Card Services" calls. One even called my kids' cell phone. They don't have a credit card - not even credit to begin with. If you play along and stay on the phone to speak to a representative - the people at the other end are quite nasty. I have learned things about the human anatomy and what to do with it that I think are physically impossible.
I keep going to these various websites and removing my email but then it goes to another. It's the perpetual harassing chain email. They won't stop. But on the other hand, I am guaranteed mail everyday in my inbox. I guess if I remove the word "Sucker" from my forehead and emails - then I might get a little lonely. I guess I will just keep hitting the delete button.

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