Monday, November 21, 2011

You just don't know the impact

Every time that I have sat through a volunteer training, the same mantra is always said. Be careful for what you say and do because you don't know the impact you have on the people (kids) around you. We, as a family, have had that experience here - it's a good thing.
My middle child is very much the percussionist. She has a decent used drum set in her room and she practices everyday. She took private lessons in Indiana and even started her training on playing the tenor drums. She knows that bells is not her strong suit so she puts more time into area when she can. Her plan is to be in the Purdue All American Drum Line. Her ultimate dream would be to be in the BBD (Big Bass Drum) crew. She has been properly brainwashed by her father and me over the years. She has attended a few home football games and I am sure some of her first words were - Go Purdue. However, we moved to Alabama and I am not seeing the out of state tuition happening in this economy. She still has a chance but there had better be some scholarships involved. She wants to be a nuclear engineer so there is still hope on that front.
We left a not so strong high school band program to one that is massive. The directors at the Junior High are also assistant directors at the high school. Both directors have taken my daughter in and have encouraged her to become her best. In fact, Saturday one director invited us to attend a game at Auburn and experience their band program. It's not Purdue but it's the next best thing. She left encouraged and fired up to continue her studies. A simple jester of sharing made a positive impact on her. It's not Purdue but it is a great program.
My younger daughter has been frustrated with the lack of a true gifted program here in her new school. They don't have the money to properly support her needs. However, her teacher has continually encouraged her to push herself in many fields, especially writing. She pushed my daughter to write her best book review ever for a writing contest. We supported her in any way we could but the teacher was the one who brought the idea to fruition. Over 10,000 students entered this contest and I am very proud to say that my youngest is in the top 10 finalist. She gets to travel to Mobile next week and try another book review to improve the amount of her scholarship. She is guaranteed  at least a $500 scholarship - top prize is $10,000. We don't really care about the amount  - okay, maybe we do. However, this teacher gave my youngest a unique opportunity that she will remember her lifetime.
We don't know the impact that we have on someone and our words often times are much louder than our actions. 2 teachers in Prattville schools have connected with my 2 daughters and offered them something that means a lot - encouragement.

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