Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is where the memories start.

This year, my family and I are trying a new experience for Thanksgiving. We are celebrating in Alabama with some close friends and one of my husband's sisters and her family. We have never been away from "home" before but I must admit that I am excited about the new adventure. I have always spent time with my brothers and their families along with my parents. We don't get together often but the Holidays seem more special. Since we have been married, we have always been with both of our families. I have missed one Thanksgiving with mine but my mom was touring India at the time and I did host one of my brothers. We have always traveled to my husband's family. We have caught up on the kids and spent good family time together.
This year things are a bit different. We didn't have enough vacation time to travel north and quite frankly, we are looking forward to a different way to celebrate Thanksgiving. My two girls have jumped in and helped me tremendously around the kitchen. My son has down a great job with tidying the house and vacuuming. It's my own special holiday since I don't have to track them down for assistance. Yeah!!
I have often reflected back to a time when I was younger and still living in my parents' home. I am the only daughter therefore, I have spent many a time helping prep the house for company and assisting my mom with various dishes. I think I learned a lot in the kitchen during those times. Special family recipes were pulled out. Previous celebrations were talked and laughed about. A sense of belonging permeated the entire house. This was Thanksgiving. A celebration with family now and celebration of family gone by.
My father passed away several years ago. I think of him often but I seem to have him in the front of my mind constantly during the holidays. I have wondered what his thoughts would be about me not coming "home" for Thanksgiving. He was very much a family man. He wanted to be around all of his family when he could. However, he understood the definition of family. It's who you are with and who you celebrate life with.
As we gathering around our table tomorrow and celebrate all that we give thanks for. I want to give thanks for new traditions and memories. May my children hold dear to their hearts all of their favorite memories and be open to make new one.s

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