Friday, November 25, 2011

And so it begins.

We enjoyed our turkey yesterday with our family and friends. My husband grilled our turkey to perfection and I must say it was delicious - and I don't like turkey. There was plenty of food on my counter to share with all and we took the time to enjoy each other's company. It was a pretty standard Thanksgiving.
A few of us traveled out the various stores in the early evening just to get out. I found some new Christmas decor and enjoyed my time out. I didn't even bother looking at sale ads. However, many others did and the Christmas season officially began at midnight with many a shopper looking for that perfect deal. I stayed home in my nice warm bed.
We rose on Friday and waited for our breakfast casserole to bake. We casually looked at the ads but still made no big decision to go out and find our perfect gifts. I must admit that I did go out but I focused on the clearance racks and a quick trip through Publix. Other than that, it was a pretty low key day.
However, most of us wouldn't describe our holidays as low key. We all get caught up in saving as much money as we can, the thrill of the hunt for that unique gift and worry over what is the best food to make to share with friends. We all want our Christmas spirit to reflect in our decor and our music on the radio. We count down the days to the big date just so we are ready. We fret on who's house we go to for what party. We start preparing how to write 2012 on our new checks since that is quickly coming. The month from Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner goes faster and faster each year. I sometimes picture the boat ride in the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" - you know the wild and chaotic one. That is pretty much the holiday - one big blur.
I think during the Christmas night long ago, Joseph and Mary were more focused on finding lodging and resting before she gave birth. I am pretty sure that I would. Mary wasn't making long lists of food and Joseph wasn't looking for that perfect tree. I know that all happened afterward - that's why it's Jesus's birthday.
I want to stay in the now. I want to focus on each day like it is precious. Christmas only comes one time each year and I want that to be my exact focus. I know that I too will be caught up in the all of the craziness and keep my own lists. However, I plan to take some time reflect on how special this celebration really is. If that includes gazing at my tree and it's lights in the dark, or writing that perfect Christmas thought in a card or baking the best cookie with my kids - that's perfect. The world will always continue. The sun will rise tomorrow but today I want to really appreciate the season.

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