Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life is priorities - you just need to know the right order

A FB friend on mine is celebrating her 4 year cancerversary (a name she coined I must add) and I am very excited for her. We have never met but we have become friends on that great social network world because we are both sisters in the CML world. I few years ago I had no clue what Chronic Myloid Leukemia was let alone have a clue that it can be managed. Her symptoms started with a common ailment but grew into something much bigger. She has said that is put a new spin on the common ailment. I must agree.
I thought I had a very bad case of the flu. Spent my family vacation in Florida feeling bad and fighting a temperature. I returned home and had some tests done. Even asked the doctor why one side of my abdomen was protruding - a little more than just by chubbiness. Apparently, a person shouldn't have a 10 pound spleen.
Through the use of modern medicine, I am proud to say that I am in 100% remission. I am also a breast cancer survivor too. Not in my family history, except my mother was diagnosed several years after me. That cancer apparently is in full remission too.
However, I must admit that I get very nervous every time my oncologists take blood or order a simple mammogram. Simple - my first one every I was still nursing my 6-month old child. I still chuckle when the technician tells me not to move.
According to my mother's life span, I am only at the most half way through this lifetime. I still get caught up in my day to day dramas. I still freak out over silly things. However, God has found ways to put my life into perspective. Yesterday, I worked my sub teaching job. Today, I feel tired. My daily chemo pill still has a big hold on me. I am blessed to have a husband that supports me to stay home and care for myself and my family. Knowing today's economy and several friends' marriages, our 20 years of wedded bliss has been tested with my health. Still, he supports me in what I do and makes sure I don't do anything really stupid.
I lost a classmate a few weeks ago to cancer. I talked with her a few times of FB but really couldn't bring myself to go see her. There were many times to visit but I just couldn't do it. I definitely couldn't go to her funeral. It was way to close to me - it was personal. Sometimes I feel bad that I have been successful in my two battles with cancer and some others have not. However, there is a voice that rings through that says that I just need to accept and move on. I am not the Great Planner here - God is.
I am still sharing what I can with the world. I am still very active working with young people in Scouts and look forward to more years. I can't say that I am here to save the world - but I am enjoying the ride. I am glad that I have had an interesting experience so far and I really look forward to what's ahead.

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