Thursday, November 10, 2011

They are only young for so long.

Today, I was able to enjoy lunch with my youngest for Grandparents and Special Person Day at her school. I am not her grandparent but obviously I fit in the special person category. My kids enjoyed this day in Indiana while in elementary school. Their grandparents also thought it was important enough that they attended. However, when you move so many hours/miles away, I get to fill in for that role.
I had a lot of fun having lunch with my youngest. She made me a nice card about what we have in common. Being her mom, I will say it's the best one made in her class. We sat with a couple of her friends, one that is in my Girl Scout troop and another who wants to join. The latter girl had no one with her. She said she told her parents about the lunch but forgot to remind them so they didn't make it. It broke my heart.
There were several other kids that had no one with them for lunch. Having lunch together is not that big of a deal but being the one without a lunch date is kind of sad. I understand that there are circumstances that keep you from participating but somethings can be worked out.
Our kids are only little for a while. We have all been told that many times, especially by our parents. My son turns 16 this winter. I often reflect back when he was an toddler. My husband and I often tease our kids about things they did when they were little. Watching the old videos reminds me of days past but it's just not the same.
I am trying my best to remember to be there for my kids whenever I can. I am active in their Scout troops and get to know their friends when I can. I am not the cool mom, just the observant mom.  Whenever I am driving them to their various activities, I remind myself that one day I will be driving them to college. Time does fly when you are having fun.

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