Friday, December 9, 2011

The grown up things my kids learn

Today my son is bringing home his baby. Well, it's not a real baby but one that is part of his health class. Our school participates in the "Think About It" program teaching kids about  teenage pregnancy. I think its a good program but I am not thrilled about his caring for it during school. I haven't seen any real babies at school so I don't really get that. He is pretty nervous but I think he should do well. It sends a powerful message to all the kids.
Yesterday, I spent the day with my middle child and her school band. They traveled around the community schools and played Christmas concerst. She is in the percussion section. It was interesting watching the kids working together for the common goal of unloading and loading the band trailer. The percussion and low brass sections were in charge of equipment - basically operations (for you Purdue Band geeks). I watched as one young man was good at directing the other students but he stood back and waited as they did their jobs. I admit that I did comment to him and asked him if he was not able to help. He just laughed and kept standing around. My final comments must have gotten his attention - he finally started jumping in and helping. I made him feel bad that I was in the trailer lifting and loading while he was standing around. One point for mom.
The kids had 4 wonderful concerts yesterday. They were acting as band ambassadors to the younger schools. Basically, they were recruiting. The high school band has done this many times for my daughter's band - including inviting the 8th grade band to the state football finals. I think my daughter understands the responsibility that is required to become active in a successful band program. I am proud to say she wasn't standing around waiting for everyone else to work.
Finally, my youngest had the opportunity the reflect the value of her friends. Over the weekend, a young girl from another classroom was killed in a car accident. My daughter didn't really know here but she knew of her. One of my daughter's best friends, however, was close to this young lady last year. The teachers did a fantastic job working with the students and assisting them in their grief. They took time to make a "Joy Tree" - the young ladies name was Joy. Each student wrote something special about Joy on a paper angel and attached it to this paper tree. Joy's class wrote a note to Joy and put it in her locker. Most students wrote letters of love and condolences to the family. All of this is being given to the family at the visitation tonight. I think the family will appreciate really learning the impact their daughter had on her schoolmates. What a blessing. I think they handled this horrific event better than most adults.
The end of the school semester is next week. While my kids are finishing their projects and preparing for tests, they are learning about responsibility. The school is teaching my kids some aspects that I can't. I wish that a few adults that I have met had this experience. So quickly we forget the impact that we have on others.

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