Sunday, December 4, 2011

I don't have time to work.

The past week has been crazy. If one thing was finishing, another was beginning. I haven't even had time to blog. Many people actually had some peace.
This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to take my youngest to the Go Bowl writing competition in Mobile, Alabama. She had written a book report back in October on a book called "Witches" and had placed in the top 10 out of over 10,000 entries. We had to travel to Mobile so she could do another book report, this time on "Egypt Games" to finalize where she would end in the scholarship level. She wasn't nervous Tuesday night but I certainly was. I was pacing in our hotel room and eating anything I could find. There went the diet. They fed us pizza then took the kids to another room to write their reports. She came out feeling pretty good and we went out and celebrated by buying a Kindle. She had received a $50 gift card as part of her prize package and she thought that was a perfect thing to buy. I had to agree to that logic.The next day was the awards and she was finally nervous. She received a $1,000 savings bond for a scholarship and admiration of many.
Thursday was the kick off for Girl Scout cookie training. Cookie sales start the beginning of January. I am trained and ready to harass my friends and family the beginning of next year. You just can't say no to the cookie.
Friday was supposed to be grocery shopping and laundry but I ended up stopping by my youngest's school 3 times. The local news media wanted to interview my youngest about her writing competition. They stood us up twice. I did manage to get some quick grocery shopping in though. I picked my daughter up at the end of the short school day because she was babysitting the class guinea pig.
I call it a short day because Prattville was heading to the state football championship that night and school ended early to allow for travel and tailgating. Got to love high school football here - tailgating. My middle child had to opportunity to travel with the high school band and play in the stands. She arrived back at school at 12 dark thirty. A very long day and night.
I thought I was going to relax and do some yard work on Saturday. In Alabama, it's been in the 70s during the day so yard work was very much a possibility. I opted to pull brush out of a pile in the middle of our yard so I could deposit it on the side of the road for trash pick up. However, the nest of bees in the pile had a different plan. I was stung at least 4 times on my ear and managed to get stung on my ear drum - that takes talent. I spent the rest of the afternoon. with toothpaste and an ice pack on my ear. My middle child read online that toothpaste absorbs the venom and eases the pain. I looked stupid but she was right. Go figure.
My husband had tickets to his company Christmas party Saturday night. I was a trooper and styled my hair to cover my enlarged ear. It was a nice time but I was ready to go to bed as soon as we got home.
Sunday I spent the afternoon shopping with my middle child. She is reaching the age that she is more aware of what others wear and what she is wearing. We spent the day talking about mean girls and their bullying slams. I had to laugh. Girls at school are calling her poor white trash while my youngest is being called "richey". They don't have a clue that I am a great garage sale shopper.
I ended my day with making dinner, celebrating my middle child's birthday (she has a band concert tomorrow on her birthday) and relaxing for a few minutes while watching the Packers game and now the Saints.
I am afraid to see what's in store for this week. One band concert, a Girl Scout meeting, 5 choir concerts and a doctor appointment. I don't have time to work......

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