Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't Say 13!!

I subbed again today. It was a social studies class for sophomores and one class for juniors. They were all still reliving the big game from Saturday and still yelling "Roll Tide". This Alabama phenomena is a bit foreign to me still. Last year Auburn won the National Title for football but that college has been quickly kicked to the curb. This year is all Tide. Kids constantly find a way to say "13" in honor of the number of national championships that Bama has won. All day long you hear "13 - Roll Tide" and somehow learn how to avoid saying that magical number.
I taught 6 classes today and was ready to duct tape them all to their chairs but 4th period. The is low funds in the Alabama school accounts therefore, there aren't enough books for the students each to have one. Therefore, all studying has to be done in class - including assignments. If you don't complete it, you don't get a penalty. Poor child doesn't have a book to use at home. Students have figured this out and it quickly becomes a circus when the sub is teaching. Yeah, me!!! Just short of out of control would be the best description of the day. The assistant principal's office is just down the hall but you can't call them - no phone in the classroom. I don't have the school number handy so therefore, I get my whip and chair and hold out for the day.
One class my best defense was to say "13" alot. It got the kids to focus on me for at a least 2 seconds. Things were getting better there. However, it quickly degraded in to the usual chaos. I am not saying that kids were bad - just normal. Busy work from their teacher is not the best option. Especially if it is not being graded.
Despite the craziness of the day, I did realize that these kids are proud. 20 football seniors have scholarships next year for colleges. 17 of them are to Division 1 schools. That is amazing to a community where they are short cash for education. There are no pro teams to speak of here- it's just all college. And if it takes college school pride to get these kids motivated, then I may have to say 13 for a few more classes. Maybe next year it will be "Go Tigers".

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